How Even The Best Company Names Can Turn Sour

Even the coolest of company names can lose their value after a while. For years you have been running a successful business with a great name that works. Now, you want to expand that business by offering different products and services. But you're cool business name stands in the way.

As a marketing consultant, I've come across this problem on several occasions. Someone starts a small business with a very specific name. For example, let's say that Jane has a unique recipe for cookies. At the urging of many friends, she decides to launch a business selling these cookies. And she picks the name 'Jane's Delicious Cookies'. You can find the unique business name from Business Name Generator

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Over several years, she builds a great brand and the business is successful. So, she decides to expand by offering a wider range of her home-baked products. These include cakes, pies, and so on. Despite being as delicious as her cookies, to her surprise she finds it difficult to sell these new products.

Of course, you must let the market know about your new range. And it's a failure of marketing generally if you don't. The obvious solution is advertising and promotion, but this can be very expensive and time-consuming. Jane's is a home-based business. She has some help, but she does most of the work herself. You can see here to know the best company name.

This is true for most small businesses. They just don't have the time and resources for this type of extra marketing. Anyway, there's no guarantee it will work.

When I ask these customers if they know about the company's other products they often express surprise. "Oh, I didn't know that". For Jane's business they would probably add, "I thought she only made cookies" If your business name no longer adequately describes what you offer, it could be time to change it. However, this can create its own problems.

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