Types Of Cable Drums

Cables are sold in bulk to electrical distributors and other industrialists. Cable drums were introduced because transporting cables in bulk from one place to another place is a very difficult process. . Cable drums play an important part is easy transportation of cables.

Below are different types of cable drums 

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1. Big cable drum

The main benefit of big cable drums is that these can be used to carry heavy duty cables from the manufacturing site to the wholesale shop. These kinds of drums are made up of steel, aluminum or wood.  

2. Small sized cable drums

As the name suggests these kinds of cable drums are used to carry cables that are light in weight. These kinds of drums are usually used by electrical installers or contractors. These are made from cardboard or plastic material.

3. Cable cutting and dispensing machines

These types of machine are available with cable drum stand suppliers and are used in warehouses by electrical wholesalers. These kinds of drums are used for measuring, dispensing and cutting cables according to the need of the contractor. They are either welded to the rack of the shop or are accrued by forklifts.

4. Cable racking systems

These are used for storing cables on drums. These are used for dispensing and cutting the required amount of the cable as well.

These are some times of cable drums that are frequently used in construction sites and in most of the industrial areas.