Avoid Allergic Reactions To Makeup

Maintaining healthy skin can prove to be extremely challenging, especially for women who wear makeup on a regular basis, and especially those who have sensitive skin. Below are some guidelines to follow in order to avoid allergic reactions to makeup products.

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Keep The Products Clean

Keeping your makeup brushes and sponges clean is absolutely crucial. Makeup sponges should be cleaned after a weeks’ worth of use, whereas makeup brushes should be cleaned on a monthly basis. It’s not only important to keep the makeup applicators clean and fresh but also the makeup products. Toss out your mascara after 3 months of use. Liquid foundations and concealers can be kept in use for 18 months.

Check The Ingredients Before Purchase

Choose makeup that contains few ingredients and is paraben free. Opting for fragrance free products will further help to avoid developing any allergic reactions. The best option, when it comes to harmful ingredients free makeup, is natural mineral makeup. It’s not harsh on the skin and instead of containing preservatives such as paraben and harmful color dyes; it consists of minerals such as iron oxide, titanium oxide, zinc oxide and talc, all of which benefit the skin immensely.

Test The Product Before Applying

It's always more sensible to test a product on a patch on your arm before applying it onto your face. Your face is the most sensitive part of your body, so if the product causes a little irritation on your arm DO NOT apply it onto your face. To test a product, place a tiny amount onto the underside of your arm and wait for 48 hours. If there is no redness, itching, swelling or burning sensation during that time period, it is safe to use the product on your face. It the product causes irritation or any sort of discomfort, immediately wash it off.

Follow these 3 simple guidelines to avoid possible allergic reactions to makeup products. 

Top 5 Ways To Care For Dry Skin During Winter

Many people wait all year for the winter season just so that they can enjoy snowfall or get a break from the heat. Some go for long walks while others indulge in winter sports activities.

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And while we are busy wallowing in cold weather, we tend to overlook the damage it can cause, especially to our skin. But don’t worry, a little bit of caution and care can help restore the moisture in your skin:

  1. Avoid taking too hot a shower: While a hot shower may seem heavenly in the winters, you should try to keep the temperature down a bit. The hot water and the resulting steam can cause your pores to open and dehydrate your skin.
  2. Use hydrating products: If you use soaps during shower or use facial cleansers to take off your best mineral makeup, always use hydrating ones that don’t rid the skin of natural oils.
  3. Hydrate your body to hydrate your skin: Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water a day. Also, you can Omega-3 rich foods to lock moisture inside your skin.
  4. Exfoliate: Exfoliating at regular intervals can keep your skin smooth and can help you get rid of dead skin cells. This will help moisturizing products to sink in better.
  5. Apply a mask regularly: Apply a hydrating mask at least once a week. You can even opt for a homemade mask which can be made using avocado, yogurt and honey.

So brace yourselves for the winter with these easy tips that will keep your skin hydrated!