Reasons For Eating Watermelon

Courtesy: eathealthystayhealthy

One must have heard nutritionists and doctors recommending watermelons, or even seen mothers cutting them up as healthy snacks for their kids during summer parties. Watermelon is a healthy fruit, and there are several reasons, such as those mentioned below, for eating more of it.

1. It is good for your bones.

For those of you who want strong bones, it is important to eat more watermelons. It contains lycopene, which is an antioxidant also found in tomatoes and is great for the health of your bones. It also reduces the chances of osteoporosis by preventing bone cells activity which causes this disease.

2. It is good for your heart.

Watermelons, containing lycopene, improve your cardiac functions and prevent any damage to your heart, while keeping it young and healthy. In addition to this, watermelons are also rich in potassium which reduces cholesterol and regulates the blood flow, consequently eliminating the risk of heart disease.

3. It is good for weight loss.

For those of you planning to lose weight, it would be a great idea to eat more watermelons. As, they are low in calories, containing ninety percent water, they can be consumed as an effective weight loss snack. Furthermore, watermelons also contain citrulline which is converted in to arginine in the body; the latter is an amino acid with fat burning properties. Therefore, eat more watermelons to get closer to your desired body weight.

Thus, while you are at your Weight Loss Thailand Holidays this summer, eat more watermelons every day.