Common Problems in the Investment Planning Process

What are the Common Problems That Can Plague Your Investment Planning Process?

Your investment goals can be successful when you select right financial products to invest in. For this what you will have to do is consult a financial advisor with expertise in wealth management so that the right decisions can be taken which will provide desired results.

A competent advisor will be able to judge your financial position and guide you about investment options which will be right for you. In this context, we will go through some common problems people face during investment planning and also look into ways those problems can be solved.

Investment Planning and Related Issues

Higher Trading Frequency

wealth managementYou need to be aware of the fact that your investments start delivering results only when a certain amount of time passes.In case, you start modifying your portfolio as well as investment strategies on a frequent basis then problems will start arising. As for instance, such continuous changes in the portfolio can result in a reduction of returns you are able to earn on your investments due to significantly large transaction fees you will have to pay for implementing portfolio changes. In addition to it, such changes may well augment certain risks that you have not anticipated.

Thus, you will have to focus on wealth management and talk with an investment planner to figure out how long one has to wait prior to making changes in his or her portfolio to achieve positive results.

Commissions and Fees

You are likely to face issues if advisory fees to be paid for any specific investment product is relatively high or in case of high-cost funds have been selected for making an investment. In these situations, the rise in commission will multiply significantly over the term of the investment and reduce the total amount of return you are able to achieve on your investment.

Thus, proper wealth management strategy would involve inquiring beforehand about expenditures related to any specific investment you are interested in so that those expenses do not make a serious dent in returns you are able to achieve.

Regular Investments

How the market would behave in future is very hard to predict for anyone. Thus, by taking the right steps (such as diversifying your investments) you will be able to significantly reduce the effect of changes in market conditions over your investments.

As such, it will be important to make investments on regular basis to build up wealth as well as reduce the chances of negative market conditions affecting your investments.

Sell Low/Buy High

Issues are likely to arise in case you decide to buy when the price is high with the anticipation that you will be able to improve your short-term returns. As such, your inclination will be on finding products that can provide greater returns in a shorter time period.

But you will have to keep note of the fact that it is possible that those financial products will not perform the same way they did in the past. As such, what you will have to do is consult your financial advisor to know about products which will help you accomplish your financial goals.


It is clear from above details that choosing right investment products is certainly a difficult task and only by consulting an advisor you will be able to select the right options.