The 5 Types Of Photo Booths That Exist For Parties And Occasions

Photo booths can be said to be the most exciting additions of the pop culture to our modern world. They are fun, they can be made available to match the themes and everybody loves them. So you gather for a party or special occasion, you eat and talk, but you have got nothing else to do and everyone is bored. Taking pictures is cool but why not optimize it to look like a lala land.  You can look for cheap photobooth for hire on a small budget but there are many types of photo booths that you can check out and order as per your needs. Here are the types of photo booths to have a look at :

Slow Motion Video Photo Booth

Slow motion photo booth is also one of the most prefered when it comes to choosing photobooth for weddings in Sydney. All one has to do is capture photos and small videos to make it into a funny slo mo just for having fun!

GIF Maker Booth

GIF making is ideally the best photobooth trends around in the photo booth service segment. All you have to do is take a progression of some fun pictures and compile them into an animated GIF, then you can also share it on social media and let the fun begin.

Open Photo Booth

An open photobooth is an open air photobooth with a camera and a tripod stand. The idea is to let your guests take pictures and add prop and background as per their choice.

Multi Camera Photo Booth

A Multi camera photo booth has more than one cameras installed to take the same pictures from many angles. It is also known as a 360 degree photo booth for the very same reason.

Green Screen Photo Booth

A green screen photo booth brings the concept to taking pictures with animated background. Once your guests and friend take pictures then can choose a background on the computer.

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