Training Camp Early Run Through On Golovkin

Gennady Golovkin or known in the industry as ‘GGG’ started his training early this month as he and his trainer are excited for his upcoming fight which is the one of the most anticipated fight to happen this year; Canelo vs GGG super bout. And this is the most important and crucial fight in his career.

Golovkin who is known to be one of the best middleweight title holder in the boxing industry is serious with his fight on the 16th of September against Canelo Alvarez and started his training early. If he remains victor in this fight, it will boost his rankings and his career as well. On the same note, it is Golovkin’s trainer who will be responsible for his success in the ring with all his experience and knowledge to prepare Golovkin in the arena.

Abel Sanchez is Golovkin’s trainer and he as well wanted his fighter to win the fight especially that Golovkin is not getting any younger and he will be facing a younger opponent. He is making sure that GOlovkin will be in great shape before fight without compromising other things that will pull down Golovkin’s performance during the fight.

Other things that concerns Sanchez is Golovkin’s mentality during training. He wants Golovkin to take things slowly and one step at a time, however, Golovkin wanted it strong and fast which worries him. He does not want Golovkin to wear out in an unexpected time. His best condition and mentality in the ring is the key, his opponent Canelo is a fast, versatile and young fighter and he wanted to win so bad as well but for Sanchez, they have the upper hand since Golovkin has the experience and maturity as a boxer to fulfill his goals. It will be about timing and finesse tactics to defeat Canelo and Golovkin and his team are making sure all the things that they’ve trained will pay off.

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